Thoreau Merges Styles And Blurs Lines In Inspired New Single – ' Escape Plan'

On this new music Friday it seems that the name the game is versatility. Many artists have released records which defy expectations and challenge listeners to explore outside their comfort zones. In my opinion, this is the true goal any kind art – to make the audience grow in some way. The latest single from Thoreau, ‘Escape Plan’ does just that, and so much more.

Thoreau – Escape Plan

‘Escape Plan’ on the surface does not seem incredibly complex, but upon further listening, some incredible complexities and innovation jumped out at me. While at its core the track fers towering and cascading synths, there is a subtle but constant energy radiating from the lyrics. While the refrain is more traditional as it is sung, the verse changes things up to more rap format, and this is when ‘Escape Plan’ really elevates. Thoreau instills an almost pop-punk feel to the single through merging unlikely styles.

Overall this is a solid effort from an up and coming artist that truly deserves to be on your radar. As music pushes forward, the best artists will be the ones who challenge accepted conventions. It appears Thoreau, like his namesake, has traveled into a new world in which he is finding clarity and depth that is really working for him. Check out ‘Escape Plan’ below.