The Walmart Yodeling Kid Has Signed With Atlantic Records And Released New Single – 'Famous'

Well, I really never thought I would ever be writing this, but The Walmart Yodeling Kid has signed his first major record deal. Mason Ramsey first rose to fame with a video him yodeling in a Walmart, and through the bizarre world internet memes, he quickly became a cultural phenomenon. So much so that his yodeling performance received a dozen remixes in rapid succession, and resulted in a performance his song at Coachella during Whethan’s set. Yeah the Yodel Kid is living his best life…not it has just gotten better.

Yodel Kid Signs With Atlantic Records

Atlantic Records wasted no time on capturing the star power Mason Ramsey. While I could go into a pretty lengthy conversation whether it was necessarily the right thing to do for someone in his position, that is for another article. After signing the deal with Atlantic, Mason dropped his first single to the digital streaming platforms.

It is called ‘Famous’ and is a reflection how his overnight fame has come with some internal consequences. While entirely not dance music – the track is not bad for a country song. It is wild to see how the world works, anyone anywhere can have their moment. Don’t be afraid to try your talent out at Walmart, but also don’t be surprised if you are arrested shortly after. More power to you Mason.