The Ultra Music Festival Main Stage Is Nearing Completion And Looks Incredible [SPOILERS]

Today marks the beginning of Miami Music Week. Which means Ultra Music Festival is only a few short days away. It has sure been a bumpy road this past year for the United States’ premiere dance music festival. After being ousted from its near decade long home of Bay Front Park, Ultra was forced to relocate mere months before it was set to take place.

Even after finding a new home, things continued to cause issues all over the place. After additional lawsuits from other events, as well as residents, were filed and subsequently thrown out, Ultra finally had a clear path forward. In a way, Ultra’s temultuous off-season paints a picture of the resilient nature of the dance music industry. We may bend, but we will never break.

Now, with just days before Ultra opens its doors at its debut event on Virginia Key, we are starting to see the incredible new main stage for 2019. It looks quite similar to 2016’s main stage, which was a fan and industry favorite. Check it out below, if you don’t mind spoiling the surprise.

Mainstage update from r/UMF

Mainstage Update (Source: instagram @edmvibes24x7) from r/UMF