The Chainsmokers Full On Channel Twenty One Pilots For Their First Release Of 2018

The Chainsmokers have not had the best start to the year. Alex Pall was caught up in a bit a scandal when his (most likely now) ex-girlfriend caught him cheating with another girl on camera. This started a bit a fire storm for the guys, and now only two days later they have released their first single 2018.

The Chainsmokers have continued into the pop paradigm with their latest release, ‘Sick Boy’. The track sounds entirely and undeniably like Twenty One Pilots. The entire cadence the lyrics had me taking a sonic double take. The issue here is that it is set on top a bit a cheesy trap beat. While The Chainsmokers found moderate success with the main stream sound on their debut album, this single just really misses the mark.

The one up side to this track is that it should bring some impressive remixes for artists who choose to take a crack at it.