Terry Zhong ‘Plays it Cool’ on Monstercat Debut

Born and raised in China, talented producer Terry Zhong has been building a formidable reputation for himself in his home country for years. He’s amassed millions of streams on China’s streaming services on top of regular touring and gigs at high-tier festivals such as Electric Jungle, EDC China, and more. Now, he’s ready to expand his sound to the rest of the world, and what better way to do so than a release on powerhouse label Monstercat?

Terry Zhong’s Monstercat debut, “Play it Cool,” is a testament to Zhong’s high-quality standard and affinity for infectious groove-inducing sounds. Featuring the talented vocals of Conro, the melodic house track creates an unparalleled and much-needed summer vibe to get listeners through the upcoming cold winter. If Zhong is sitting on more unreleased tunes that are at the caliber of “Play It Cool,” then his future is looking bright.