Tchami & Malaa Tease New Music In Trailer For Major Announcement

Tchami and Malaa have been burning the world to the ground the last few months with their beautifully insidious tour. It seems that the duo is playing out more unreleased music than named tracks, and fans have been absolutely eating it up. Now Tchami took to Facebook to tease a major announcement this Wednesday. In the teaser video the duo plays out a wild ID. If we had to guess the major announcement coming this Wednesday will involve some new collaborations.

Only time will tell though, you can never be so sure what exactly these Frenchman have up their sleeves. We can only hope it is new music though, as we would love to get our hands on some the tunes they have been rinsing over this historic tour. Check out the announcement teaser below and get ready for an ficial announcement this Wednesday, February 28.