Syn Cole drops his sumptuous slice of soft electro-pop, ‘Keep Going’!

It might be the bleak mid winter but the airwaves are aglow thanks to the latest offering from celebrated Estonian producer Syn Cole, who drops his sumptuous slice of soft electro-pop ‘Keep Going’ on NCS on Christmas Day.

With shimmering percussion, gently strumming guitars and breathy swells of strings, ‘Keep Going’ is a confidently poised piece of production from the Estonian artist, understated yet emotive, its ‘less is more’ attitude washing back and forth with dreamy insistence. Vo-coding the top line and underpinning the track with shuffling percussion, the single is a blissful union of orchestral, pop and electronic elements brought together with deft precision, Syn Cole once again showcasing a clear knack for constructing earworm material. Check out the production below, you will surely love it!