Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 168, with MGMT, Chromatics, Washed Out, + extra – Dancing Astronaut

Sunday Morning Medicine is a function from Dancing Astronaut devoted to the mellower facet of digital music. Senior Editor Bella Bagshaw brings you her favourite therapeutic alternatives—outdated and new—every week, in makes an attempt to allete the agonizing results of an extended weekend of partying.

Vaski’s ethereal providing, “Weightless” is a revolving staircase of vocal chops and luxurious, plucky loops: the best music to go in circles to this Sunday.

From their often-overlooked album of the identical title, “Congratulations” is MGMT at peak psychedelia and introspection-friendly: simply what the audio medical doctors ordered after an extended weekend of dubitable conduct.

Arriving on the high of his model new EP, “Horizons” permits Super Duper to see our Sunday in the appropriate course, with the assistance of some bubbly sampling, refined strings, and a contact of saxophone synth.

Broody and cinematic, “Cherry” is Chromatics’ surreal Sunday spoonful of escapism.

Washed Out’s meandering soundscapes of “Great Escape” lead us by corridors of swirling coloration kaleidoscopes and idealistic instrumentals; away from the pervasive whispers of Monday.