‘Subsidia Dawn: Vol. 5’ collates melodic selections from Swole Sauce, Crankdat, and more

In September of 2020, Excision declared his intent to launch an imprint that would cater to various types of bass music: the heavy, the experimental, and the emotive. Since Subsidia‘s installation nearly two years ago, Excision has funneled tracks from ascendant talent in the bass scene across three corresponding compilation series, Dusk, Dark, and Dawn. Now on its fifth volume, Subsidia Dawn is continuing Excision’s relatively newfound tradition of underscoring the names that warrant early recognition in the emotive bass context with 11 originals from a variety of artists. Among them is a Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2022, Swole Sauce, who closes out the LP with Dante Levo and Diana Inez on “You Never Run.” Of note, it’s far from Swole Sauce and Inez’s first toe around the collaborator ring; the two are noteworthy for their work on several Swole Sauce productions, including “Ashes.”Subsidia Dawn: Vol. 5 also features selections from Crankdat, Stryer, Soar, Killin’ Void, and an assortment of other acts who deal in melodic-bass. Stream Subsidia Dawn: Vol. 5 below.Featured image: @brxvn/InstagramTags: , , , , , ,
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