Stream Space Yacht’s debut bass compilation EP, ‘Big Bass Ting Vol 1’

After curating events and lineups in Los Angeles over the past five years, Space Yacht is highlighting a new collection of talent with its debut compilation, Big Bass Ting Vol 1. Named after Space Yacht’s weekly Big Bass Ting events, the compilation invites several rising bass stars, including 21-year-old El Paso-based NAZAAR, San Diego duo Blurred Vzn, 21-year-old Los Angeles talent FutureExit, and more.The compilation allows for fans of Space Yacht to enjoy the sounds found at Big Bass Ting events from the comfort of a pair of nice headphones, acting as a means of tiding over those who miss going to shows until the weekly events are able to make their full fledged return. Reaching the standards Space Yacht has set for itself in terms of curation, each track found on the compilation highlights the others, promoting the diverse array of talent that those familiar with the brand have come to expect.Each artist from the compilation was either discovered at one of Space Yacht’s events, or through the brand’s Twitch series, Tune Reactor. The Los Angeles-based event and music promotion imprint has managed to continue its upswing throughout the pandemic, hosting livestreams via Twitch and also releasing the Tech My House label compilation. The label’s founders, Henry Lu and Rami Perlman, sat down with Dancing Astronaut back in February to discuss how the pandemic has allowed the brand to grow, providing Space Yacht with the room to venture into live streaming and signing artists. The pair also revealed that fans can expect a few more compilations from Space Yacht in the coming months. Featured image: InsomniacTags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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