Steve Aoki Produces New Spanish Single With Daddy Yankee

Steve Aoki teamed up with Daddy Yankee, Play-N-Skillz and Elvis Crespo for a new Spanish language single, ‘Azukita’. The name the track seems to be an English version ‘Azuquita’ which translates to ‘Sugar’. I am also probably sounding like a gringo to any our Spanish speaking readers, so bare with me folks – I only have Google translate at my disposal.

The track is high energy and catchy. When it does break down it is reminiscent ‘Boneless’. Throughout the songs traditional Hispanic musical elements are featured prominently. Overall it is a fun tune that will definitely gain some charting success due to the high prile collaboration. Maybe, and just maybe this will be what stops people from immediately associating Daddy Yankee with ‘Gasolina’, but probably not.