Steve Angello Talks About How Avicii's Death Has Affected Him

Following the untimely deaths celebrities such as Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and Avicii, mental health is finally a conversation being taken seriously. Avicii’s longtime friend Steve Angello recently chimed in on Avicii’s death during an interview with Aftonbladet.

When asked “how did the Avicii situation affect you,” Steve Angello opened up. “For us, Tim wasn’t an artist, he was a friend, so it’s ab it different when you look at this ‘just the artist’ situation. For me it’s more about thinking about the siblings, the parents losing their child. I can’t even imagine how that can feel.”

Angello continued to say “We artists, don’t feel well, we are a bit unstable and crazy. I know how tough and taxing it can be when you are coming from 60 gigs, meeting your family, barely had anything to eat in 2 months. It gets a bit unhealthy in general.”

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