Stereoclip reflects on ten years as a producer with third artist album: “Echoes”!

Ten years have passed since Belgium’s Maxime Merkpoel launched his Stereoclip project and started turning heads within the dance music space. But with a decade of ups, down and musical reverie also comes reflection and inner conversation, of deconstructing past events and accepting the blur and general chaos between the past and the present. Looking within has ever been vital to becoming a better version of one’s self, and that’s exactly where his third album comes in.

Colored by nostalgia, hope and honesty, ‘Echoes’ reflects on ten years of frustration and joy, headaches and abandonment, accomplishments and determination, love and hate, and travels and encounters. With singles such as ‘Moonlight Drive’, ‘Sunset Drive’ and ‘Inner City Angels’ taking a leading role, the ten-track album mirrors the drive to look beyond the limits, all the while demonstrating the impeccable inter-song synergy the world has come to expect from every Stereoclip product.


More so than merely sending out sounds in hopes of call and response, the concept of ‘Echoes’ is about soaking up the feedback to use as new input for the ever-evolving cycle. And it is within that cycle where personal growth can be found. And in this case, ten examples of excellent music too.

“It’s been ten years since the Stereoclip project started, and I felt it was time to reflect on some of the choices I made, both good and wrong”, Stereoclip says. “With this album, I wanted to push myself beyond my own limits and wanted my music to be a better version of itself. This album is inspired by ten years of failures and successes. It’s full of nostalgia, hope and honesty.”

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