Spotify subscribers slam excessive Drake promotions, demand refunds

If you’ve been on Spotify this past weekend, chances are you might have noticed quite a plethora Drake ads that put in place across the platform as part a marketing campaign for his latest album, Scorpion.

Spotify reportedly spent the much the weekend placing the hip-hop superstar front and center on the majority the streaming service’s editorial playlists, even on those where his music was not even featured. His image could be seen across playlists such as “Best British,” “Happy Pop Hits,” and and “Best British.” The campaign was the first it’s kind, serving as a promotional takeover that might have pleased a few fans, but was an annoyance for others. Spotify premium subscribers voiced that this campaign violated the company’s agreement to provide ad-free streaming services to their users, leading some to contact Spotify directly with their complaints. user Schwagschwag created a post on Sunday venting his frustration regarding the campaign and let subscribers know that he was able to receive a refund for his month’s payment after contacting their customer service team. Others reported similar success, but a few had their requests turned down, leading user to decide to cancel their subscriptions completely.

Spotify has not commented on the issue as yet, but from previous reports, the total complaints were “minimal” and no ficial refund procedure has been put in place.