Spencer Brown leads a contemplative journey in two-track ‘Stream of Consciousness’ EP

Spencer Brown has proven himself to be a full-fledged sonic wizard over the course of the past 11 months. In 2019, the San Francisco producer has unveiled everything from a deadmau5 remix to a collaboration with Raito, following up his successful 2018 album, Illusion of Perfection, with a string of notable releases.

His newest collection of work is a two-track Anjunabeats EP called Stream of Consciousness, which features the six-minute “SF to Berlin” with Ben Böhmer and its counterpart, “Lose You,” which is a solo Brown venture. As with all Spencer Brown releases, the new songs are dreamy and thought-provoking. “SF to Berlin” is easily identifiable as a Brown-Böhmer piece of work, with its drifting melody and otherworldly, serene soundscape. “Lose You” takes the energy up a notch as Brown taps incorporates powerful female vocals into his peaceful instrumentals.

Stream of Consciousness is Brown’s third and final EP of 2019 and makes for a satisfying companion to May’s Sapporo with Qrion and October’s Gatekeeper EP with Ilan Bluestone.

Photo credit: Samuel Chiu