SoundCloud extends limited lossless storage to free users – Dancing Astronaut

SoundCloud has officially made lossless HD storage and downloads available to all creators in its latest update. But the announcement comes alongside a number of stipulations.

The streaming platform announced December 2 that the previously exclusive SoundCloud Pro Unlimited feature would now be open to the entire creator community, in a certain capacity. The development falls in line with the producer-beloved service’s launch of the Promote tool.

The premium storage solution allows users to upload, store, and download original files onto SoundCloud. The capability includes lossless HD formats up to 4GB per upload and boasts the capacity of holding a vast selection of file types.

Creators will see an advantage of lossless uploads for several reasons: SoundCloud’s secure storage across multiple data centers, universal accessibility to the HD files, and content compatibility with future SoundCloud improvements. The feature also optimizes playback. So fans and listeners hear fine-tuned quality while streaming.

However, it should be noted that SoundCloud used to offer a level playing field of streaming quality before the platform introduced its premium package, SoundCloud Pro, in 2013. Additionally, along with the update, free users are still limited to a three-hour or 15-track cap for audio uploads, which SoundCloud will officially send into effect December 9.

Via: SoundCloud