SNAILS, Kill The Noise, and Sullivan King are back together on ‘Front 2 Back’

SNAILS, Kill The Noise, and Sullivan King have teamed up to deliver their next heavy-hitting masterpiece in the form of “Front 2 Back.” The single follows previous collaborative effort “Shake The Ground.” Fans of the infusion of screamo and electronic music will find a small slice of heaven in the song, which lures listeners in with Sullivan King’s gut-wrenching vocals from the single’s first note.

Initially, the song seems to be a primarily metal release until a surprise drop engulfs the listeners with the heaviest sounds the three producers can come together to yield. “Front 2 Back” will leave listeners’ heads spinning as bass drops, pulsing metal accents, and dubstep accents overtake the final few minutes of the release.

Kill The Noise speaks about the collaboration in an official release, stating, “Even when this was still a demo it went off so hard every single time. Literally the first time I played it people heard the hook once and were singing along. Really cool moment for sure! Really stoked to work with these guys again we always have a lot of fun workin’ on ideas together.”

The track is out on SNAILS’s own Slugz Music imprint.