Slow Magic attaches his atmospheric attract to Manila Killa's 'Wake Up Call' – Dancing Astronaut

Slow Magic attaches his atmospheric attract to Manila Killa’s ‘Wake Up Call’

Masked man of cosmic creations, Slow Magic has taken on a fan-favorite from Manila Killa‘s current 1993 album, “Wake Up Call.”

Slow Magic’s vapory, chilled-out remix stands as an natural complement to the unique’s delicate, thumping electronica. Both producers are greater than adept within the difficult artwork of making cerebral soundscapes which compel their customers to pay attention versus merely hear or transfer to—danceable, however not authoritatively so. Slow Magic’s take performs with vocal pitch, making a rippling impact that emulates the observe’s pensive, echoing keys. Where Manila Killa’s preliminary providing showcases a sobering groove, Slow Magic’s is one among escapism: a palliative proposition to float inside a delicate blue dream.

Slow Magic is presently on tour throughout the US. The full listing of dates may be discovered here.