Skrillex Spotted On Instagram In The Studio With Lido

Literally just yesterday I wrote in an article how talking about Skrillex being in the studio with another artist has become a daily ritual for me. I wrote that in jest. But here I am, the next day, in fact writing about Skrillex being in the studio with another artist. This time around though it is not just a random genre vocalist. This time it is truly something to get very excited about.

Lido posted on his Instagram story a short clip him and Skrillex in the studio together. I would usually post a video but it is literally just Skrillex turning around and looking into the camera – no music. So I think this screen shot does this story justice. Anyway it is beyond exciting that Skrillex can still find the time since he is a new puppy father. This potential collaboration could be down right incredible, that being said we have to imagine we may not hear this for a long time…if ever.