San Holo shares gliding crescendo and fifth work from his ‘stay vibrant’ project

San Holo continues to add to his stay vibrant EP, with his fifth release from the project, “in case i never see you again…,” featuring Analogue Dear. With a tucked-back guitar and light piano melody, the ambient serenade flutters through speakers and crescendos into a larger-than-life orchestral symphony of indie soundscapes made unique to the bitbird mastermind himself. After the growing tension, listeners are treated with a quiet 30 seconds that feel meditative.

On a promise to release a song a week, the singer-songwriter stylist continues his streak, coming up on his fifth week of new music. The phrase “stay vibrant” has been a trend in the San Holo fan community, as one might notice on the artist’s Twitter and Instagram a percentage next to his name. He expresses what the “stay vibrant” percentage means on his website: “Telling people how you feel is not always easy. When I try to express what I really feel, words rarely seem to capture the essence. Most feelings are so much bigger than words could ever describe. Using the percentage % seems like the perfect way to express how I feel without putting it into words.”

Featured image: Stefan Brending