Rusko teams up with Subtronics for a contemporary dubstep heater, ‘Bounce’

Rusko and Subtronics tap into their old-school roots and infuse them with contemporary influences in new dubstep churner, “Bounce,” on Cyclops Recordings. Using Subtronics’ stellar syncopation and sound design with Rusko’s signature elated wobbles and groove, listeners are met with a heavier style that shows off their shared writing efforts.

The introduction presents a melodic mixture of familiar, comforting reggae and dark, sinister progressions paired with dissident vocal distortion. Robotic elements then kick in for the buildup, encouraging listeners in a call to action which is eventually revealed at the drop: “bounce.” A thick, gritty bass hit follows, adding further force to the aforementioned melodic bits.

The second drop presents a different narrative, highlighting the haunting melody to the extreme before the previous chorus. Gracing a dubstep godfather with one of the more exciting up-and-coming talents pairs perfectly with high energy euphoria at festivals where this one will be inevitably played out.