Ross From Friends puts an original touch on Flume’s ‘Let You Know’ [Stream]

As Flume continues to release new music and his fans exhale the long-held sigh of relief they have contained for years, skilled producers are flocking to the well-timed opportunity to remix his latest work, Ross From Friends being the latest of these, with his spin on, “Let You Know.”

Having originally arrived June 12 of this year, “Let You Know” displays a lighter, dancier side of Flume’s taste. Plus, with London Grammar‘s vocals breathing a further accessible lifeblood into the production, the song satisfies both fans of Flume’s early work and excites them for what’s to come. Now Ross From Friends is in the fold, and he’s done what he does best: produce music that is equal parts brooding and funky.

On this remix, Ross From Friends condenses the sultry vocals of London Grammar into a minimalist soundscape; maintaining the melody while stripping it down to the essentials. A purveyor of rhythm, he then leans into the offbeat garage feel, letting drum hits circumvent the listening space around the fulcrum that is the kick.