REZZ set to snatch souls at the magnificent Greek Theater Oct. 11

Tickets are on sale now for REZZ‘s stop at the illustrious Greek Theater on Friday, October 11 for her Beyond The Senses tour, promoting her upcoming EP with the same name. She will be joined by up-and-comers in the bass space, BlackGummy and Peekaboo, creating the optimal environment for soul-snatching.

Space mom is back in action this summer, releasing the brooding single “Dark Age” just before her EDC set, which was recently released on YouTube. Mother bass’ new single was featured in the NBA Finals promo, and she recently announced her new collaboration with Underøath, “Falling,” coming out June 12 as the second single release from her Beyond The Senses EP, which arrives July 24. In addition to her normal sound and visual domination, REZZ has also jumped dimensions into the world of VR as each of the EP’s VR worlds will be brought together for a stream of her concert that any fan can join.

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Photo credit: Rukes