REZZ and Yultron team up for grueling mid-tempo heater, ‘Hell On Earth’ [Stream]

Everything REZZ does is cause for celebration. Even more so when it’s related to music. And even more so when that music is a collaboration with Yultron.

Almost two months after REZZ debuted “Hell On Earth,” her new track with Yultron, at Bumbershoot, fans have been waiting on the edges of their seats to be able to take this sonic journey.

Both REZZ and Yultron are producers who reject genre-stricken standards and stereotypes, so it’s no surprise that when they come together the product is exquisitely undefinable. REZZ brings her bespoke affinity for darkness while Yultron, who never shies away from his roots as a raver, contributes his more flashy upbeat style.

Photo credit: Rukes