REZZ and Malaa unshackle mid-tempo malice, ‘Criminals,’ just in time for Halloween – Dancing Astronaut

REZZ and Malaa‘s long-awaited, two-headed aural animal of unearthly proportions has arrived. “Criminals” has been the source audacious anticipation from each artist’s fandom—who often and enthusiastically intersect—but have now directly collided for the occasion.

The track rings of the beguiling mid-tempo riddling REZZ’s catalog, but that has only just began to slither and writhe into Malaa’s repertoire, namely in the form of “Revolt.” Although, the transition has proved a seamless one for the anonymous but sonically marked masked phenomenon.

The track sizzles with the explosive nature of both its creative entities. However it’s rather difficult to discern who contributed to what production-wise, since the song arrives like a bare-bones version of a REZZ original. The grimacing vocal hook, however, harkens Malaa’s handiwork for certain.

H/t: Proximity