Rest in Peace DJ AM—revisit the legendary selector’s Coachella performance with Travis Barker on the 10th anniversary of his passing

It has been an entire decade since we lost DJ AM. In that time, dance music has evolved ten times over into the global phenomenon it has become today—perhaps in ways AM might not even recognize if he were still here. Though when the legendary selector died on August 28, 2009 the genre was still gearing up to break into the mainstream and with AM’s tragic death, his crossover appeal shocked more than just electronic music.

In the spirit of DJ AM’s ubiquitous, genre-blurring influence, we’re revisiting his performance at Coachella 2009 alongside Blink-182‘s Travis Barker. The pair’s side-by-side performance still lives on as one of the festival’s most memorable to date, and gives an accurate, nostalgic snapshot of the state of dance and pop music a decade ago. In honor of DJ AM, revisit Fix Your Face Vol. 2 below.