Rene Amesz and Ferreck Dawn staff up for the huge “Duncan”!

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Rene Amesz and Ferreck Dawn team up for the massive “Duncan”!

It’s no secret that in-demand House hero Rene Amesz has no bother spicing up the underground together with his exemplary grooves and he’s doing so once more. In tandem with ‘In Arms’ creator and fellow-countryman Ferreck Dawn, the Rotterdam-based DJ and producer could have simply unleashed his most impactful Armada Subjekt launch but: ‘Duncan’.

Very tough across the edges and all of the extra intoxicating due to it, Rene Amesz & Ferreck Dawn’s ‘Duncan’ ensures that the underground stays the most effective place to spend the night time. Armed with gritty beats, infectious vocals and stubby bass, this groove provider is certain to make the membership circuit go into overdrive effectively into the wee hours of the night time. Make certain that you simply don’t miss it!

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