Preview The New Excision x Illenium Collaboration – It Sounds MASSIVE

Illenium has been one the hottest acts to hit the world dance music in quite some time. In 2016 he was all but a newcomer, not just 18 short months later he is easily one the most desired acts for festivals all over the country. Excision, on the other hand, is a bonafide legend in electronic music. It seemed like only a matter time before this match made in heaven would link up for a collaboration. Now we are hearing the beginnings one and it sounds absolutely incredible.

Excision x Illenium – ID

Many were curious how this collaboration would sound. Illenium, a proven master songwriting (he just won the international songwriting competition for his single “Crawl Outta Love’), is able to inject powerful emotions into his productions and Excision is known to have some the most brutal bass arrangements all time. So how would these two unlike worlds collide? Actually pretty darn well. From the short preview clip that Excision uploaded to his Instagram yesterday, it sounds like this song is going to be nothing short masterful. Check it out below.