Premiere: Oliver Nelson, Tobtok, and Simon Field link for snazzy collaboration, ‘Is It Real’

The names Oliver Nelson and Tobtok go hand in hand in the music world, and the two Swedish artists have tapped a few additional friends for their latest venture: Norwegian artist Simon Field and London-based songstress Salena Mastroianni.

“Is It Real” makes its official debut on UK house imprint Perfect Havoc on Oct. 11 and touts all of its featured artists at their best. Mastroianni’s silky-sweet voice introduces the song, and the beat swiftly follows to preview the groovy, nu-disco elements that are to follow. “Is It Real” is fueled by a spirited piano melody and powerful chorus, giving the tune truly anthemic qualities. The producers’ skill sets shine in this accessible tune, leading fans of all dance music persuasions to the dance floor.

“Is It Real” is out Oct. 11 Perfect Havoc.