Premiere: Honey & Badger green lights superheated Secret Room 2 ID, ‘Rampage’

One ID stood above all others when DJ Snake and Malaa stepped into their classified Secret Room site for round two this past February, forcing us to immediately tweet just how good it was. It didn’t take long at all for Honey & Badger’s name to subsequently be affixed as its founder, and the now-solo Belgian act has finally been given the green light nearly five months later to deliver one of the most-talked-about IDs within house music and beyond this year, “Rampage.” Joining both Kohmi and Malaa as the only names to be written off the unreleased section of the Secret Room 2 tracklist thus far, Honey & Badger guaranteed that his third appearance of 2021 was going to count. We made it known the moment we heard it, but Honey & Badger’s high-quality reading of “Rampage” plainly corroborates our one-line description of it as “absolute fire,” with the original being suited up in reviving bass-house attire that continues to underscore Honey & Badger’s potent grip on this coming generation of house music. Honey & Badger took a moment to reflect on the year-plus road to this release and how it was actually mere moments from being indefinitely locked away, explaining,“Rampage” is out everywhere via Bass House Music on July 9, but can be streamed in full one day early, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

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