Premiere: Frase and SkiiTour float atop electro-soul burner, ‘Too Hot Too Cold’

Summer calls, feelings fill the air, and as the nostalgia for the great outdoors simmers, Frase and SkiiTour have opportunely provided an electro-soul antidote to ease the senses. Embracing the time-old territory of mixed signals, “Too Hot Too Cold” finds the Montreal multi-instrumentalist Frase team up with Whistler-hailing duo SkiiTour on a breezy groove-induced production.

Deriving inspiration from Anderson .Paak and Mac Miller‘s hit “Dang,” the collaborative joint dives into lush soundscapes, offering an easy-going view accessorized with full-bodied percussions and warm synths. Atop textured layers of languorous instrumentation, Frase’s glossy vocals drip over an exchange between rhythm guitars and brass improvisations as his lyrics detail the challenges of balancing tour life with a relationship. Marrying electronic learnings with an intuitive flow, “Too Hot Too Cold” basks in the imperturbable persuasion of its feel-good progression.