Porter Robinson Announces 3 Hour Virtual Self Set As Official Ultra After Party

Porter Robinson has been blowing fans away with his new Virtual Self moniker. The alias brings with it a powerful new sound which has breathed new life into a world dance music which began to suffer from repetition. Back in December the Virtual Self live show was debuted in Brooklyn and immediately people fell in love with brilliant new take on electronic music. Since then an EP, music video and entire new world has been introduced to us, further the captivating lore that is Virtual Self.

Now Porter has announced a massive Virtual Self event. After Ultra Music Festival concludes on Friday, March 23rd – the real party begins. At The Ground Miami a 3 hour Virtual Self set will take place with support from RAITO. Tickets go on sale tomorrow March 8th at 1pm EST. You can purchase them here. The show is an incredibly affordable option at only $30-$40. Only one question remains… ?