Pegboard Nerds, Morgan Page, and more lend tunes to new Beat Saber soundtrack

VR rhythm game Beat Saber received an upgrade on Aug. 29 with the addition of six new artists to volume three of its original soundtrack. Players can now slash blocks to the tune of artists like Morgan Page, Pegboard Nerds, PIXL, Slippy, Boom Kitty, Jaroslav Beck, Jan Ilavsky, and Mutrix.

Game composer Jaroslav Beck and designer Jan Ilavsky team up with Mutrix for the compilation’s first release, “Origins.” Pegboard Nerds bring their dynamic electro goodness to the soundtrack in the form of “Give A Little Love.” Morgan Page brings a dosage of house music with “Reason For Living,” and PIXL channels an electro-oriented path on “Full Charge.” Slippy delivers the bass on “Immortal,” and Boom Kitty offers a dramatic orchestral number in the form of “Burning Sands.”

Learn more about Beat Saber here, and stream the new soundtrack below.

Photo credit: @alittledopey/Instagram