NIGHTMODE notches first techno undertaking with KILL SCRIPT’s ‘FIRST CONTAKT’ EP

After stepping out on NIGHTMODE‘s Cyberpunk compilation for the first time in November of 2020, KILL SCRIPT is back on the California-based record label, this time making his mark with his first EP, aptly titled FIRST CONTAKT. Evoking the essence of Sci-Fi cinematography in sonic fashion and centering the EP around the industrial, KILL SCRIPT engulfs listeners in layered, low-frequency bass. On “CONTAKT,” the techno up-and-comer wastes no time, starting streamers out at a blood-pumping 130 BPM. The EP’s closer, GRIEVE,” leads with a slower pace punctuated by an uptempo bassline and immersive topline to boot. FIRST CONTAKT offers the perfect gateway into a vast world of new-age Sci-Fi techno. Stream below.Tags: , , , ,
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