Nicky Romero puts anthemic spin on Armin van Buuren’s ‘Unlove You’

Armin van Buuren’s “Unlove You” has received the Nicky Romero treatment. A staple of the trance tastemaker’s seventh studio album, “Unlove You” melded mid-tempo electronic with Ne-Yo’s R&B finesse. Sitting in languid contrast to some of the LP’s higher-octane inclusions, “Unlove You” offered a reprieve from the main stage-centric sound that van Buuren channeled on Balance.

Romero’s revamp arrives as the animated sonic sister to van Buuren’s original. Boasting a bubbly musical personality, the alternative version that Romero puts forth concentrates its revision in the song’s chord boosted ascents and descents. Romero melodically lifts “Unlove You,” transforming it into an upbeat tune that is designed for live sets. Tasteful and sparing in his alterations, Romero preserves the rest of “Unlove You’s” frame in his club-suitable spin.

Featured image: Darryl Adelaar