NGHTMRE & Dillon Francis Release Music Video for “Another Dimension”

NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis team up to ficially unveil the accompanying video to their mega collab, “Another Dimension.” In the video, the dynamic duo enter a virtual reality world on a vivid psychedelic trip, literally losing their minds (and their bodies, sometimes) as they go on otherworldly adventures, including exploring the Egyptian pyramids and starring in their own version Super Mario. The “Another Dimension” video is sure to expand your psyche and elevate your senses.

“Another Dimension” delivers heavy percussion and serrating mechanical synths coupled with the vocal quip “Pay close attention, I’ll take the brain to another dimension,” which is quite literally what happens when the wobbling drops take over. From the festival stage to a sweaty club, “Another Dimension” guarantees dance floor destruction wherever it’s played.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!