NAZAAR Releases Hard-Hitting and Emotive ‘VISNS’ EP

NAZAAR is a producer who understands balance. The heavy-hitting American-Pakistani artist has found success with gritty bass releases like “WAR CRY” with Virus Syndicate, and “Shadows” with Louiejayxx but his EP tells a different story. Both singles have found their way onto the pressing with 4 new releases on the EP dubbed “VISNS.”Over the course of 6 tracks, NAZAAR takes listeners on a bass music journey through the realms of ominous, eerie, emotive and extreme. From the haunting and rib shaking “WITH U” to the vocal-forward and emotive “LIES” featuring Hera Lynn, NAZAAR flexes his range in the studio and taps into the moods of bass music fans everywhere. Just take the EP’s outro “LOVE BURNS” a sonic catharsis that’s especially rare for the type of heavy-hitting and yet cinematic music that defines bass music in 2022.Tags:
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