Music Subreddits Every Music Fan Should Know

While is ten known as the place for memes and crazy cat pictures, is home to some the world’s best music communities. Dubbed “The Front Page the Internet,” hosts a vast amount content for those into Jazz music, dubstep, pop, metal, and whatever kind music genre you can possibly think .

While there are some outrageous subreddits online, check out some the best music subreddits from our wrap up below.

1. r/ListenToThis

The Listen To This community is a place to discover music by new or overlooked artists. With a booming community 12 million ors, the Listen To This Subreddit allows all different types music genres.

2. r/EDM

The EDM subreddit is the place to be for all dance music fans. With more than 153,000 members, the EDM community is home to the ficial New EDM The Week playlist, as well as a wide-versed community for all dance music fans.

3. r/Music

The music subreddit is your ultimate music destination. Whether you’re looking for the occassional AMA or the random discussion thread, the music subreddit is one the most popular music subreddits with more than 16 million redditors.

4. r/Mixes

If you’re looking to upload or view other’s mixes, the Mixes subreddit has you covered. With 10,000 subscribers, the Mixes subreddit features talents for all different styles electronic music.

5. r/HipHopHeads

Whether you’re looking for the latest mixtapes, videos, news, or anything else hip hop related, the Hip Hop Heads subreddit has you covered. With 690,000 ors subscribed, Hip Hop Heads is one the biggest hip hop forums on the internet today.

6. r/Monstercat

Quite possibly the most active record label on goes to the entire Monstercat community. With 33,000 hardcore members on the Monstercat , you can ten discuss each one the releases with one another while chatting about various other topics within the music industry.

7. r/Aves

Created for festivalgoers, the r/Aves community is a subreddit for everyone to find and announce different festivals, raves, and warehouse parties.

8. r/Coachella

Whether you’re looking to join in on the humor surrounding the red chair meme, or just wanting to talk amongst your peers for discussion this year’s Coachella Music Festival, the Coachella subreddit has it all.

9. r/ElectronicMusic

The Electronic Music subreddit currently has more than 370,000 ors subscribed and is one the biggest communities online for dance music fans. Whether you want to talk about minimal house or commercial house, the electronic music community has you covered.

10. r/ElectricDaisyCarnival

What might be possibly one the biggest music festivals in the world is none other than Insomniac Event’s Electric Daisy Carnival. With more than 18,000 ‘headliners’ subscribed, the Electric Daisy Carnival music subreddit is a must for anyone planning to travel to this year’s main festivals the year.

11. r/Trap

Are you a fan heavy trap music? Well if you are, you can join 82,000 other ors and join the ficial Trap Subreddit. Whether you want to discuss new songs, releases, or visit the occasional AMA, the trap subreddit is for you.

12. r/audiophile

If you care about getting the best sound from your speakers or headphones, the Audiophile subreddit is most likely for you. With more than 180,000 ors, the Audiophile subreddit group ten talks about each other’s setups, as well as answering each other’s questions on the best gear.