Moon Boots laces up for new album and tour with latest single, ‘Clear’

A sonic identity is one of the most important things for a young producer to develop, and even in today’s musical landscape can be difficult to come across. Is an artist’s new track identifiable as theirs without reading the track list? That is sonic identity.

While some artists spend years trying to find their musical persona somewhere between what’s trendy and what they enjoy, Pete Dougherty aka Moon Boots has got it all figured out. His newest single is a “Clear” departure from the funked-out dance floor-filling sounds of “Juanita” that garnered the Anjunabeats laureate industry-wide attention earlier this summer. R&B-inspired vocals from Moon Boots familiar Nic Hanson serve as the perfect complement to the soft, Julio Bashmore-reminiscent synth work from the Brooklyn native. As different as the direction may be, however, the destination remains the same: Moon Boots’ realm of effortless harmonies and nonchalant grooves.

Moon Boots’ second full-length album, Bimini Road, hits the streets on Sept. 6 and can be heard live just weeks later on the Bimini Road Live Tour. Learn more and get tickets here.