Mike Mago is again with one other spectacular tune, “The Green”!

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Mike Mago is back with another spectacular tune, “The Green”!

As dance music retains evolving, Mike Mago is maybe the most effective instance of how numerous its artists will be. His ft tucked in each underground home music in addition to mainstream sounds, he’s endlessly increasing his musical path, ensuring issues simply carry on getting extra attention-grabbing for this Dutch DJ/producer/label boss.

Just just lately, the music producer launched a model new single, referred to as “The Green”, which sound fairly wonderful, should you ask us! After a recognizable vocal lower talks about how ‘Green Rules’ with a delicate construct up, a lush melodic baseline drop that’s vibey and highly effective on the similar time makes it look! It’s undoubtedly a observe you don’t wish to miss out on, so give it a hear beneath and tell us what you suppose!

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