Matroda and Loge21 link for hefty Mad Decent release, ‘Raise Em Up’

Go deep, then go deeper. Matroda and Loge21 are diving to the bass depths in their new collaboration, “Raise Em Up,” out now on Mad Decent.

Fans of both artists knew spotless sound design and an irresistible bass punch would be the result when these two notable acts came together, and that’s exactly what happened. “Raise Em Up” introduces itself with a simple enough house kick but soon morphs into something more complex as filtered vocals make an entrance and a wonky background melody wobbles in and out. The drop presents something new entirely, using the element of surprise to catch the listener off guard.

These two artists delightfully plunge their fans into their own realm of madness, delivering a bass house installment that’s sure to thrill fans of all house music persuasions.