Martin Garrix and Dean Lewis work on mastering tricky instrumentals for ‘Used To Love’ in ‘The Martin Garrix Show’

The Martin Garrix Show returns for the fifth episode of season four, where fans watch “Used to Love” continue to come to life.

Martin Garrix, Dean Lewis, and Albin Nedler meet for a soundcheck for one of Lewis’ shows, and they discuss how they have struggled to find the right way to record the instrumental parts of “Used to Love.” Lewis mentions he has a guitarist who will be instrumental in bringing the guitar line of “Used to Love” to life because he has been unable to master it himself.

Once Lewis and Garrix bring Lewis’ guitarist and drummer into the studio, they get the instrumentals for “Used to Love” recorded. Lewis’ guitarist—after practicing all night and remembering a way to tune his guitar that he learned once five years ago—masters the chords needed for the single.

Additionally in the episode, viewers watch Garrix get his cast removed and put into a smaller cast that allows for him to fly and tour. The doctor ultimately clears him to get back on the road, with restrictions, but the declaration is a huge relief for Garrix.

Photo credit: PM Studio