Marshmello Clears The Air About Suspected Beef With Zedd

Twitter arguments and high prile “beefs” in the world dance music are a dime a dozen it seems. These usually occur among a handful artists who many fans have come to know as outspoken on social media platforms (cough, cough Rob Swire). But today people were freaking out trying to determine what the issue between Zedd and Marshmello was and if any bad blood actually existed. It was definitely surprising as both artists are remarkably positive and happy-go-lucky in their general demeanor. Could a beef from two dance music’s most pure souls really be a thing?! Well no, but actually kind …

The Middle vs. Friends

It all stems from Marshmello and Zedd both using Anne Marie on vocals for the songs ‘Friends’ and ‘The Middle’. Obviously, her label stepped in and said the songs could not be released at the same time, which is more or less common practice in the music industry. This is where people thought the feud stemmed from. That being said, the artists never actually exchanged any words. Zedd would go on to change the vocalist for ‘The Middle’ and it would become one the biggest songs in 2018. Marshmello squashed the rumors beef quickly.

So do not worry everyone, the balance the force in pop-oriented EDM has been restored. We can all take a collective deep breath and move on without lives. Check out ‘Friends’ by Marshmello and ‘The Middle’ by Zedd below.