MaRlo and Feenixpawl explore ethereal sound on new collaboration, ‘Lighter Than Air’

Established trance entity, MaRlo convenes with electronic music duo, Feenixpawl, on the striking new showing, “Lighter Than Air.” While the vocal-centric trance offering has only just now gained an official release, “Lighter Than Air” is preceded by storied musical history. The production premiered at ASOT 900 in Utrecht and at Tomorrowland Winter‘s 2019 iteration, where genre titan, Armin van Buuren, wove MaRlo and Feenixpawl’s joint effort into his momentous live set.

The titular anticipates the sonic in “Lighter Than Air.” True to the track’s title, the collaboration opens with a gossamer airiness that derives primarily from the tune’s use of celestial harp chords. The vocals featured on “Lighter Than Air” boast a grace and purity of tone that complements the melodic nature of the number. The tune breaks down with a lush ease that preludes the vigorous energy of the song’s drops. “Lighter Than Air” materializes as clear evidence of MaRlo and Feenixpawl’s electronic artistry.

Photo credit: MaRlo/Facebook