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Seasons, eh. One second it’s all the sunshine, shiny and emotional summer season top after which we’re again to black! The Coldharbour Family’s bloodlines are getting blended this fall, and with outcomes most tonally darkish & thrilling in nature. Legends each established & new are within the combine, with an incestuously interconnecting cabal of producers pulling the studio levers.

Wave goodbye to your consolation zone. Next cease Rabbit Hole: Level 5!

Your forged for the journey, properly presiding, naturally, the darker arts grasp himself, Markus Schulz (and by pure extension Dakota). Also within the combine are trance immortal Jam El Mar and Gotham’s (alright Leeds’!) best, Arkham Knights. The event: the bottle-break for Coldharbour’s new Black imprint, which, going ahead, will quarter essentially the most suspenseful and technofied choices the label has to produce.

Born out of Global DJ Broadcast’s Afterdark present, the fourth version of Markus’ annual winter-wave-in, aired final week. Premiering over the course had been three new creations, that now type up because the ‘Afterdark Volume 1 EP’, which you’ll hear beneath!

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