Marbs, Evan Casey, and Rinzen release their long-awaited ‘Torus’ EP to ring in Desert Hearts Black launch

It’s time for Desert Hearts to take a foray into the deep end, courtesy of founding crew member Marbs and family member Evan Casey. The two share a profound connection when it comes to their musical tastes and vision, and after years of friendship they’ve joined in launching their own venture, Desert Hearts Black. To commemorate this special occasion, they’ve teamed up with Rinzen for a powerful inaugural EP, Torus.

Its three tracks have been floating around for quite some time, with “Helix” notably earning a play during Deep Dish’s live-streamed Coachella Weekend 1 set. That particular piece is a heater of a piece, roaring into its climax with intense analog riffs and extraterrestrial progressions. Likewise, the EP’s title opener carries similar elements, packed into a heavier foundation that packs a sizable impact on the dancefloor. Finally, the middle track “Ark” is a lighter fare that shows off the three’s keen ear for hypnotizing melodies. Overall, an unsurprisingly impressive kick-off to what’s set to be a strong addition to the Desert Hearts catalog.

Order a copy of ‘Torus’ here