LZRD foray further into progressive house sound in lucid new single, ‘In Between’

The arrival of LZRD‘s latest single only further solidifies what listeners have long known: the electronic duo is on a hot streak that started to simmer with their release of “Anything Anymore” in March. “Anything Anymore” couples vocals from featured artist, Jake Miller, with percussive builds that illustrated the anthemic potential of progressive house, as visualized through LZRD’s vibrant sonic lens. Not long thereafter, Keenan Haan and Thomas Shull of LZRD kept streamers’ repeat button busy the release of “Anything Anymore” successor, “By My Side.” LZRD produced the percussive showing alongside  T-Mass.

Now, the next installment in LZRD’s vocal-centric sonic release saga has arrived, to show off a more emotive side of LZRD’s electronic craft. Entitled “In Between,” the cut is stylistically situated within LZRD’s wheelhouse of late: progressive house. The male vocalist earnestly verbalizes the song’s lyrical sentiments in his verses, as the arrangement proceeds at mid-tempo. The descents are full, melodic, and sure to elicit a desire to turn up the speakers among “In Between” listeners who–by now–have grown accustomed to the novel sound constructions that distinguish a LZRD production.