Lumele released the perfect track for the Holidays season !

Estonian producer Lumele just released a few days ago the perfect tune for our Holidays season. The track is called “Thinking Bout You” and was released by Multicolor Records , one of the most promising new record labels out there.

What a personally like the most about this tune are the warm and chilling vibes and also the message that emerges from it, wherever our dearest ones are, we are thinking about them and we wish they were with us. The main attraction of the track represents the guitar fills which are basically dictating the tempo, being sustained by a solid bass line and a chilling groove. Vocals are bringing also a great contribution to the overall vibe and despite the fact that they are repeating for the entire duration of the track, they are very good placed to bring the desired balance with the instrumental part. Pads, warm chords and a steady by energetic enough are completing the production of this amazing track !

Hit that play button bellow and add it to your personal Spotify playlist if you love it like i did !

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