Lane 8 shares brooding fifth single, ‘Yard Two Stone,’ from forthcoming LP

Viscerally melodic, “Yard Two Stone” has settled. Delving progressively deeper into the track list for Brightest Lights, Lane 8 bestows the LP’s fifth single upon streamers, and as those who have followed the album’s incremental development to date will note, it tonally detes from its predecessors.

The synth rich progressive character of earlier previews, “The Gift,” “Don’t Let Me Go,” “Sunday Song,” and “Brightest Lights” takes on a weight in “Yard Two Stone.” It’s a more pensive, brooding offering than any Brightest Lights inclusion shared to date, “Yard Two Stone,” ideal for a day when droplets of rainwater cluster on the windows.

The thrill of “Yard Two Stone,” however, lies in the climax of its chords; they mount slowly, eventually exploding in a crisp, satiating rush of sound.

Photo credit: Michael Drummond