Kygo Hints At Possible Upcoming Collaboration With Martin Garrix

In a recent interview with RTL Entertainment Kygo went on record to discuss a number things relating to his future. The international superstar has had a rise to fame that is rarely seen from dance artists, but his unique and pioneering sound helped the world fall in love with this producer from Norway.

In the interview he is asked about who he would like to work with moving forward. In the past Kygo has already teamed up with artists such as Ellie Goulding and Selena Gomez with massive success, so it was a question on everyone’s mind since his last release. Among those he mentioned were The Weeknd and Martin Garrix.

He explained further that Martin and him had been talking back and forth about getting together to make something happen. This is huge news as this track might just break the world EDM all together! As always we would have never heard this with the help from The Martin Garrix Hub!

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